Back and Forth – Lil Baby & EST Gee

Artist:Lil Baby & EST GEE
Song Name:Back & Forth
Album:It’s Only Me

Lil Baby & EST GEE – Back & Forth Mp3 Download

The Talented Musician, Lil Baby is an American singer and rapper, Teams up with fellow American rapper EST GEE to drop the single (Back & Forth) which have been a hit song since it’s released, so we made Back & Forth available for your free Mp3 Download Obamedia

Back & Forth is off the album “It’s Only Me“, previously titled Lamborghini Boys is Lil Baby’s third studio album which is set to mark Lil Baby’s return to solo music

Back & Forth is a whooping track that is worth placing on your music playlist as a Music Lover. Download it and Enjoy!

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Listen Back & Forth By Lil Baby & EST GEE Below & Enjoy!



It’s like sixty girls, just me and gang and no one got they phone
Getting to it
If she out with us, then she won’t make it home
I’m a tourist
Fuck me good tonight, tomorrow, I’ll be gone

No insurance, we can’t stop the car, I’m riding right or wrong
This shit serious, bro just beat his couple charges, he coming home
Don’t play, period, I’ll fuck a city girl then send her home
All my jewelry hitting G.I.A. certified on every stone
At this point, ain’t even gotta put it on, they know wassup with me
I made everybody shine together, you know I fuck with Gee
Sell a thousand pounds of strong, for real, and that was in a week
I been focused but I’m steady climbing, I’m nowhere near my peak
You emotional, won’t go to war, you know that she a freak
Like to pop it if I put it on, you know that it ain’t cheap
Knock her down and then I break her off, I know that shit ain’t free
Naw, for real, I never paid to hit, I’ll pay a bitch to leave
Switches hot so we done stepped it up to Glock 17’s
I ain’t backing down from nothing that can talk or can bleed
Bruh, I’m somewhere at the World Cup, I’m not in yo league
You was playing the game when I was on the block chasing my dreams (Yeah)

I was pulling up with testers tucked to pass out to the fiends
I spent five-something on a Rolls truck and I’m fresh from out the streets
Drop the price
Smoke smack and ice, my trap a trampoline (My trap a trampoline, yuh)
Said I’m tripping
I’m still into spinning, speeding off on the scene
Baby heard of me for bussing yeeks
Before he heard me speak (Before he heard my rap)
Drop a V like flocks of geese
On a island or a beast (On a island or)
Break my dog down to grease (Break my dog down to)
You want it raw or want it cheap? (You want it raw, want it rare, hmm?)
You a shiner, you with me
You see them diamonds on our teeth (You a shiner, you see diamonds on my)
Fuck would I be scared for? I’m spraying (Fuck what I be, I’m spraying)
Something that weigh enough, decapitate a werewolf (Brrrt)
A load, you know I’m paying her (You know what’s up)
Fuck her like I care or something (Fuck her like I)
I eat her, I don’t smell nothing (Muah, muah)
Baby send me hoes, I send him hoes
So we be sharing them (Know that we be sharing ’em)
Richest n* out my area, I can’t even carry us (Can’t even carry us) Gangsta, I’m the type to spank him Help pay for the burial (Help pay for the burial) 4PF and EST (4PF) Me and baby James and B (Me and baby James and) N** better stay in they league (N** better stay in they) I’m one of the realest n** to ever breathe (One of the realest n* to)

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