Hell – Corizo

Song Name:Hell
Album: Hell (Interlude)

Corizo – Hell Mp3 Download

The Talented Musician, fast-rising Nigerian hip-hop singer, rapper, and songwriter Corizo which have been a hit song since it’s released, so we made Hell available for your free Mp3 Download Obamedia

Hell is a whooping track that is worth placing on your music playlist as a Music Lover. Download it and Enjoy!

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Hell Lyrics Below

E-L Fucking Corizo
They don’t know Nothin’
Never felt so lonely in a while
Never felt that it would go that far
That the darker side would own me
Pouring me away from my own heart
Please don’t touch my scar ah ah ahs
Promise you won’t touch my scar
Cos the beast behind those scars
Might just tear us both apart
Walk through the valley of the beast
Who bring destruction to the beat
Makes producers feel the heat
They kiss my ass
They love my shit
Many pricks say make i die
But am aging 99
And when i do I’ll go to hell
Torture the devil till he cries
Smoke some blunt
Fuck some angels
Do things devil never try
Micheal Jackson and some demons
Cook me indomie and rice
Gather demons make dem bomb
China Angels dey online
I make hell a happy place
Even molly sef go dey
Couple benz and some bitches
Balling in the flame
Angels tripping cos we flexing
I know you mad
I feel your pain
Oh you thought heaven was fun
Just watch and see how hell go dey
When there’s fire everywhere
Anywhere you light your weed
For real…
I don’t mean to be rude
But I’d go to heaven too
Wearing rosary and a nike
Giving God all the Glory
Then leave in a hurry
Cos’ heaven is boring
Wearing garments singing praises
God is watching don’t touch ladies
Blah, blah blah blah blah blah
Back to hell let’s make some babies
Cardi B or Kylie Jenners (Skrrrr)
Found me Kim Kardashian
Threesome we dey bond
Inside hell fire dey lie sha
No bar for ATM
One naira I no go dash her
For the love I have for Vikings
I go roll with Odin
Open chemist inside hell
With love i have for Codeine
Pretty bitches in my crib
I know you angels jealous
Don’t be shy hell is fun
You can come and join us.
That’s corizo, he’s in hell
Partying every night, disturbing everyone in heaven
That kid’s just too powerful…
(Send me the god of war
If he can defeit edys, he can defeit corizo too
Find him and bring his head to me!)
Corizo reduce the sound of your music o
E be like God don dey use men find you
You know that guy na Cletus ehn
He and his spartan squad dey come
Area no clear, make men discharge…

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